2013 was an amazing year, here's a summary!

Posted by Filip Ekberg on 01 Jan 2014

KangarooAnother year has gone by and it's the third yearly summary that I'm writing, hopefully not the last one! I began the previous one that I wrote in the end of 2012 by stating that "Saying that a lot happened in 2012 is probably an understatement.", I'd like to start this summary similarly. However it hit me that each time I do look back at what I've done the previous year, it's always going to be packed with a lot of great stuff. I like challenging myself both professionally and personally, my friends and co-workers most likely see this in me regularly.

Readify_LogoThis year started off really great, newly engaged in New York, I received an e-mail telling me that I had become a Microsoft MVP in Visual C# and I had a couple of talks lined up. At the start of this year I really had no idea how much things really would change, I really got to give a shout out to Jake for opening my eyes to Readify in Australia!

I always expected that I would be working overseas at one point or another, at least I always did dream about it. As I always tell others to follow their dreams, why shouldn't I take the leap of faith and do the same? Having been in Sydney for a bit over 4 months now I can say that it's truly been great. Generally this is my least favourite time of year (not including xmas, new years and my birthday), I am of course talking about the depressing cold and darkness that comes over Sweden. Australia totally beat the crap out of that though it's warm, sunny and people are happy here, Love It!

C# Smorgasbord

I really can't write a summary post without talking about my book, C# Smorgasbord. Even though it's about 1 year and 5 months since I published it most of the sales has been this year. I've now reach above and beyond 1200 books out there, sure this includes books from my give away too, but those are just a small number of books. When I looked over the sales in different channels, I was amazed to the see the support from everyone.

If you've read C# Smorgasbord, I'd love to hear about it and I'd also love to hear about if it has helped you in any way.

For anyone thinking about self-publishing I can really recommend it and I wrote a blog series about my experience. I'd like to share the percentage of sales from different channels:

Printed copies 54.5% Digital copies 45.5% (Kindle/eBook bundle = 50/50)

Thank you, thank you, Thank You! It truly fuels me when reading about what you think about the book after reading it!


I published 2 courses on Pluralsight this year, which took a lot of time to record and edit. Much more time than most people might seem to expect from when I tell them about it. The topics I choose are really completely different from one and another, the first one was MSIL for the C# Developer and the second one was Game Programming with Python and PyGame. Completely different but awesome and fun topics!

The Link Summary


Tips & Tricks


Software & Tooling

C# Smorgasbord and Self-Publishing



I want to thank everyone that helped me achieve all the amazing this 2013 and I really hope that 2014 will be as good. Without your support I would never have written 40 articles, held 17 presentations, done 3 interviews, webinars, written 2 magazine articles and published 2 courses. It's your energy and support that makes it fun, keep learning and keep being awesome!

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