Advanced Async talk from ALT.NET

Posted by Filip Ekberg on 29 Oct 2013

As you might know there's a chapter in my book C# Smorgasbord that introduces you to asynchronous programming in .NET using Async & Await. However in this talk I dig deeper and talk about what happens inside the state machine that is generated by the compiler.

Richard, the ALT.NET organizer introduces my talk like this:

This is an in depth async talk by Filip, covering some of the problems and fun you can have with it. As for the title? Well, that comes from this short explanation of the difference between parallel and async: "If you boil eggs, you have multiple eggs boiling at the same time, they're boiling in parallel to each other. While the eggs are boiling you stroll around the kitchen and clean up, you're doing this asynchronously to the egg boiling because as soon as the egg timer goes off you're going back to the boiling process to get the eggs off the stove." Let's get cooking

There are two recordings available, one that I recorded to practice and one that is live from the event. They are slightly different as there are more nerves involved doing a live talk. I'll share them both and hope you learn a lot! Leave me a comment and let me know if you liked it.

Advanced Async - Live talk from ALT.NET Sydney October 29, 2013

Advanced Async - Pre-recorded version

Slides and code available here.

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