Congratulations to the winners of a free C# Smorgasbord copy!

Posted by Filip Ekberg on 04 Feb 2013

Before I announce the winners, yes it's plural because it was way too hard to decide one winner, I want to share some great news with all of you. Yesterday I summarized the amount of people that have my book based on the copies that I've sold/given away and this number is now above 500 and steadily increasing towards 600!

The feeling I got when receiving my first proof copies of the book is indescribable, it was pure awesomeness and this feeling is almost as great. It makes me very happy that so many developers have decided to get a copy of C# Smorgasbord, thank you all very much for that. All the great feedback and the amount of copies out there are the basis to why I want and can have these giveaways!

Now to the winners, I know that's why you're here anyways. As the giveaway was re-published on DZone I'm going to include those comments as well. Thanks everyone that participated and I really hope that if you didn't get a free copy this time, you'll enjoy the discounted price found at the end of this post.

The winners are:

Sergio with the following comment:

Checking the content this book has, it would be a good reference to create great architectures using advanced techniques like Reflection or runtime thing creation. It also shows last features of .Net framework so it will have good examples of how to understand them (I honestly can't understand async :$ and no good Spanish doc, besides that, I have no credit card to buy the book :P) I read about the book on this Hacker News's link: (I said: "I need that book!!")

Adam with the following comment:

I would like a copy of your book because everything i learn from it will go onto my blog hopefully passing knowledge onto many others. I feel your book will fill in various gaps in my knowledge, and will hopefully help secure that senior developer position and finally, i mentor the other developers around me and the junior developers, and this book will be an excellent resource, and with titles such as “Creating a challenge out of the trivial tasks” will hopefully help inspire the developers to take pride in even the trivial tasks.

Henric with the following comment:

Don't leave a former Sigma colleague hanging! I'll give you a blog post reviewing the book (on my massive 2 visitors a day blog) and I will spread the Smorgasboard love to current co-workers. :) Stay awesome!

Daniel with the following comment:

I would like a copy of your book, because I think this would greatly benefit my student project in which we are creating an application where stuff can be augmented and moved / edited with simple gestures :-) Right now much of the code is hacked together, because no one in the group used C# before (the university teaches java :-| ), what leads to "not-so-good" performance and way too many bugs! :-) I am responsible for the code quality and C# teaching and the book would help me to be more helpful to the other guys.

Malte with the following comment:

Finished my CS degree last summer, and got a job as a software developer, primarily C#. I try to improve my programming skills every day, and found this blog and blogpost through the "Interesting Finds" blog series from Jason Haley. Hadn't heard about your book, but after reading about it, it seems very "hands on". And i would love to read it. I find it especially awesome that you self-published the book :)

Congratulations on winning a free copy of C# Smorgasbord, I hope you enjoy it and help others become better programmers as well!

Now to those of you that didn't win a free copy. I've setup a discount code that can be used on CreateSpace (this is where the book is printed) and this will give you a 35% discount!

Use discount code N9UV3WDP to get 35% off here (takes you to CreateSpace)!

Pssst.. if you don't want to wait for the printed copy to arrive due to (sometimes) long shipping, you can get the ebook the same day as you purchase the printed copy! Just fill out this form.

Enjoy the read and spread the discount code to anyone and everyone!

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