Win a Pluralsight One Year Subscription and C# Smorgasbord

Posted by Filip Ekberg on 17 Jun 2013

It's truly a pleasure to announce that as of Friday last week I am a published Pluralsight Author! The course that I published is called MSIL for the C# Developer, read more about it at the end of this post. There's been some radio silence on the blog lately, it's mostly due to a lot of effort that has gone into the production of the newly released course and also our move to Australia.

Win a Pluralsight Annual Plus Subscription

To celebrate that I just published my course I'm raffling away the following:

  • Pluralsight One Year Annual Plus Subscription + Signed copy of C# Smorgasbord + C# Smorgasbord Shirt
  • 2 Signed copies of C# Smorgasbord
  • 3 digital copies of C# Smorgasbord

How do I win?

It's Simple!

Leave a comment on the blog telling me Why you should win a one year subscription for Pluralsight and why you'd like to see my course. A bonus is if you tell me why you also want to read my book!

Last but not least, share this post in your social medias!

Raffle ends on Wednesday June 26th 18.00 CEST

What's the course about?

In this course we look at MSIL; the code that is generated when you compile C#. We explore MSIL so that you get a better understanding of how C# works and how it is compiled. Ultimately after completing the course you will feel like a better C# developer as you will know much more about what happens behind the scenes when we compile our C# applications.

View my course here and please rate it when you're done!

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