Pluralsight Summer Watch List

Posted by Filip Ekberg on 23 Jul 2013

I'd like to share the list of courses on Pluralsight that I'd like to watch during this summer. It's always great to refresh your mind and skills! If you don't know what Pluralsight is and if you don't have an account head over to and get a free trial!

Here comes my summer watch list:

  • SOLID Principels of OOD
    This course introduces foundational principles of creating well-crafted code and is appropriate for anyone hoping to improve as a developer.

  • Design Patterns Library
    A reference library for design patterns of all types.

  • Test First Development (Part 1 and Part 2)
    Test first development techniques and practices with C#, Visual Studio, and NUnit.

  • Coding Dojo: Test Driven Development
    Do you work on a team where not everyone is enthusiastic about good design and writing automated tests? A Coding Dojo is a good way to promote good practices and improve your skills, learning in a group.

  • Outside-In Test-Driven Development
    Learn how to apply Test-Driven Development to target both the big picture and the smallest details of your application.

  • Agile Team Practices with Scrum
    Agile software development with a focus on effective Scrum and proven team practices.

There are obviously so many great courses on Pluralsight but I can't watch them all this summer, I also have to work on my own upcoming course!

What courses do you look forward to digging down into this summer/fall? Also, is there a course that you feel missing in the library?

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