A summary of 2011 and a look at what is about to come

Posted by Filip Ekberg on 05 Jan 2012

Happy 2012 folks! I hope you all had a wonderful new years eve!

The year 2011 has been very interesting, we've had the opportunity to see some very exciting things that is about to reach the market. I'd like to summarize what I've been writing about in 2011 and breifly tell you guys what's about to expect from me in 2012.

Let's get to it, here's a link summary to all my posts in 2011

Dynamic programming

Software Architecture

Compiler as a Service



As you can see a lot of exciting things has been discussed in 2011 and my vision is that 2012 gets at least as exciting! We've still got a lot of fun areas to cover and even more useful products to look at.

Worth mentioning is that I am currently in the work of assembling a book about C# Programming, almost all the above articles and some more will be featured in this book but with a lot of extra content that makes it even more fun to read. If you are interested in being a technical reviewer, editor or anything else that might be helpfull, just drop me an email or a dm.

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