Farewell Australia! Moving Back to Sweden

Posted by Filip Ekberg on 02 Mar 2016

After almost three years in Australia, we have decided to move back to Sweden. This has probably been one of the toughest decisions we've had to make, yet. Me and Sofie both have really good jobs, awesome co-workers, a life filled with diving and wonderful weather pretty much 70% of the year. Why would we leave this paradise? It's too far to pretty much anything, especially our family back in Sweden. It came to a point where we either decided to stay forever, and spend our 4 weeks vacation to stress through Europe each year to see our family, or move back and spend our vacation and weekends traveling new places.

What now? After Easter, we're back in Europe and I'm going to run my own business, as a consultant/contractor. I've wanted to run a full time consulting business for a long time, and I finally have the guts to do it. Hopefully it all works out!

We are certainly going to miss Australia, a lot. Anyone that's been here knows how friendly the people are and how welcome you feel everywhere. It will certainly be a culture shock moving back to Sweden, just as it was moving to Australia. This place will always have a special place in my heart, and I've made so many friends for life here so it's certainly not going to take long before we travel back (for a visit!).

Australia, thank you for these wonderful years, we've grown heaps and learnt so much. It's been an amazing journey, and the tech scene has been so inviting and friendly.

It's scary just letting go and pursue something unknown, but at the same time very exciting. Very much looking forward to catching up with friends all over Europe!

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