Getting Started with Asynchronous Programming in .NET

Posted by Filip Ekberg on 14 Aug 2015

I am very happy to announce that my Pluralsight course covering Asynchronous Programming in .NET is now available! In this course, we will cover the way to get started with asynchronous programming in .NET. You will learn how to apply these patterns in new and existing applications and you will see how to avoid the common mistakes.

I do hope you enjoy the course "Getting Started with Asynchronous Programming in .NET" and that it helps you along the way to successfully adapt asynchronous programming in your .NET applications!

The course covers:

  • Understanding the Need for Asynchronous Code
  • Applying Asynchronous Programming in .NET
  • Deadlocking, State Machines, and What Really Goes On

Click here to watch my course!

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I've got a handful of 30 day UNLIMITED Access Passes, if you want to win one, please leave a comment below and share some of your war stories when it comes to Asynchronous Programming!

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