Getting Started with Raygun in .NET now on Pluralsight

Posted by Filip Ekberg on 26 Mar 2015

I am very excited to announce that my latest course is now available on Pluralsight! This time I talk about the importance of tracking errors and how to easily track errors using Raygun!

Exactly two years ago, on this very day, I published an article on how to easily add error tracking to your applications using Raygun! Now I am very excited to announce this course on Pluralsight that covers the usage of Raygun in different types of .NET applications.

Watch this course to learn how to track unexpected errors in:

  • Xamarin applications
  • Desktop applications (WPF, Windows Forms, Windows Services)
  • ASP.NET applications

Watch the course on Pluralsight: Getting Started with Raygun in .NET

I hope you enjoy my work on this course, please leave me a comment if you end up watching the course and let me know if it helps you!

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