What's New in C# 6.0

Posted by Filip Ekberg on 23 Sep 2014

I was again invited to write an article for DNC Magazine, this time on the changes that we will see in the upcoming language changes coming in C# 6.0.

We will not necessarily see new keywords in C# vNext, but we will see semantic differences that will make it easier for developers to avoid boilerplate code. Some of these introduced semantic differences are much awaited and some of them are solving thinner edge cases; they are all very welcomed by the community! As the next version of the compiler is still under development, some of the language features may be taken out, some may be added and some may be delayed to the version after vNext. The evolution of C# is a proof that the language lives, people are using it and it is here to stay.

Read the entire article in the DNC Magazine!

What's New in C# 6.0?

The next version of C# will include a bunch of interesting changes, for a deeper look at these features check out the article on DNC Magazine. Below is a summary of the features that we will see in C# 6.0.

Features we will definitely see

  • Primary Constructors
  • Auto-Property Initializers
  • Using statements for static members
  • Dictionary Initializers
  • Declaration Expressions
  • Await inside a Finally block
  • Exception Filters
  • Null Propagation
  • Binary

Features we might see

  • Binary literals and digit separators
  • Expression-bodied members
  • Event initializers
  • Field targets on auto-properties
  • Semicolon operator
  • Using params with IEnumerable
  • String interpolation

You may also want to check out my presentation on an overview of C# 6.0.

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