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Posted by Filip Ekberg on 26 Aug 2012

Congratulations to the winners!

It was so hard to decide just one winner, so I decided that I will give away 5 books to those that gave me the best reason to!

Here are the lucky winners:

Iris Classon (@IrisClasson)

I should be the lucky winner because I will use the book to spread your knowledge to other developers that really need it. You know I love questions, and I have many,- and I often look to good books for answers. I hope, and believe, that this book will do just that. So send me a book, and let me spread some answers! I’ll make sure of course that when the book is used for answers I will provide a link to the book for purchase. So it’s a win for you, for me, and even more important, for the developers that we can reach :)

Peter (@clanstyles)

I always love different perspectives on programming and do own quite a lot of books on C# already. I would love to add your book to the list and it received fantastic reviews! I’m a young student just looking to learn more and if you did happen to choose me as a winner this book wouldn’t go to waste. It’d go right on my desk with the rest of my references after I’ve polished through every page. Also sharing on Twitter and FB!

Dmitry (@0x49d1)

The book is among not many ones that can show how can i use the primary programming language in a more effective way. From the “about book” section i guess that the book is a mix of Skeet’s “C# in depth” and Wagner’s “Effective C#”. Im willing to constantly improve skills in all and im not going to save money on this book, because using advices from it i will make much more money from work(im sure :)) But why not try to win a free copy of the book from its author?..So im in, participating! By the way, thank you for the work. I know that its really difficult to write reasonable tech book.

Kirin Yao (@kirinboy)

After reading the content of this book, I think it’s a great book of C#. I can’t wait to reading it. I’m a tech book translator from China. I translated several C# books into Chinese, including Jon Skeet’s C# in Depth and Andrew Troelsen’s Pro C# 2010 and the .NET 4 Platform. If the publishing house would introducing this book, I will be happy to be the translator. Hoping to be the lucky one.:)

Dominic (@nazgjunk)

While I’m going into embedded systems next semester, the introduction courses used C# and I’d like to keep using it for desktop-ish things. Lacking the courses a good book like this – especially when it covers more general subjects as well – would be wonderful :)

Again, Congratulations!

All the comments have been published, thank you all for participating!

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