Don't miss me coding on stage for 2 days at Webbdagarna!

Posted by Filip Ekberg on 17 Mar 2012

There's a Swedish event in Stockholm 22-23 March called Webbdagarna (translation: web days). The focus of the event is to talk about e-commerce, social media, mobile development and much more. It's not so much programming focus, in fact the only coding part of the event is what me and my colleuge will do.

The idea is that we are going to sit on stage for 2 days right next to the speakers to create a very cool mobile app, live! My main focus on this will be to create the API for the application, I will of course use the latest technology for this:

Our focus is to deliver a proof of concept and not a finished product, but since the audience will be "social media experts", "seo experts" and whatnot, they won't be interested in seeing the code. But I know that many of you guys would like to see this so I will be live streaming from the event on JustinTV (if the organizers and bandwidth allows for it).

You can find the stream at

I will be at the event to reprecent Star Republic which is where I work as a Software Engineer. We put together a pretty fun YouTube video presentation about what I will do there, I talk Swedish in it. So for you guys that don't talk Swedish it might be like listening to the Swedish Chef(muppets)!

Video translation: I am Filip Ekberg and I work as a Software Engineer at Star Republic, follow us on this rock-n-roll journey, where we build Swedens coolest app, live on stage at Webbdagarna in Stockholm 22-23 March!

Don't forget to follow me on twitter, this is where I will announce and communicate with everyone at the event (and outside the event).

Hope you'll tune in - Rock On!

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