More C# screencasts on the way!

Posted by Filip Ekberg on 11 Jul 2011

It seems like the videos on C# 5 and the Async CTP were appreciated so I am working on some more screencasts. They will be a bit different than the Async CTP videos though.

The major difference will be that they will be shorter, I will try not to break 10-15 minutes in order to make the videos as effective and fun possible. On the other hand I will instead make more videos on each subject.

To start this off, you can expect to see videos regarding Generics and Dynamic programming in C#, each will most likely be divided as followed:

  • A brief overview and where we might have seen it been used before
  • Refactor your old code to adapt it and make it more maintainable
  • Deep dive

If the cast is too short or the above won't work on each subject, I'll add some extra candy to the mix! As I am only doing 10-15 minutes on each video, I might not cover every corner, in case I miss something I can do a follow up video or post here, just give me a comment and we'll figure something out.

If you got any suggestions for what you might want to see, give me a ping on twitter or leave a comment.

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